Curriculum Vitae

Radostina (Ina) K. Purvanova
Drake University
Department Of Management and International Business

Ph.D. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, The University of Minnesota, 2008

M.S. Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Emporia State University, 2002

B.A. Business Administration, The American University in Bulgaria, 1998


Referred Journal Articles

Colbert, A. E., Bono, J. E., & Purvanova, R. K. (In press). Flourishing via workplace relationships: Moving beyond instrumental support. Academy of Management Journal.

Purvanova, R. K. (2014). Face-to-face versus virtual teams: What have we really learned? The Psychologist-Manager Journal, 17, 2-29.

Purvanova, R. K. (2013). The role of feeling known for team member outcomes in project teams. Small Group Research, 44, 298-331.

Purvanova, R. K., & Muros, J. P. (2010). Gender differences in burnout: A meta-analysis. Journal of Vocational Behavior, 77, 168-185.

* Rated one of 25 most cited Journal of Vocational Behavior articles.

Purvanova, R. K., & Bono, J. E. (2009). Transformational leadership in context: Face-to-face and virtual teams. The Leadership Quarterly, 20, 343-357.

* Rated one of 25 most cited Leadership Quarterly articles.

 Bono, J. E., Purvanova, R. K., Towler, A., J., & Peterson, D. B. (2009). A survey of executive coaching practices. Personnel Psychology, 62, 361-404.

Purvanova, R. K., Bono, J. E., & Dziewiczynski, J. (2006). Transformational leadership, job characteristics, and organizational citizenship performance. Human Performance, 19, 1-22.

* Rated one of 10 most cited Human Performance articles.

Book Chapters

Colbert, A. E., Bono, J. E., & Purvanova, R. K. (2008). Generative leadership in business organizations: Enhancing employee cooperation and well-being through high-quality relationships. In B. Sullivan, J. Sullivan & M. Snyder (Eds.). Cooperation and its Consequences for Public Life. Minneapolis, MN: University of Minnesota Press.

Articles Under Review

Purvanova, R. K., Raymer, M., & Spiegel, M, Reed, M. How generational stereotypes impact the work experiences of young professionals in the nonprofit sector. Under review at Journal of Business and Psychology.

Research in Progress

Purvanova, R. K. Lessons from field and longitudinal studies on virtual project teams: A meta-analysis. Manuscript in final stages of preparation. Target journal: Journal of Management.

Purvanova, R. K., Charlier, S., Reeves, C., & Greco, L. Who Emerges into Leadership Roles? The Interplay between Virtuality, Team Member Personality, and Monitoring Behaviors. Currently writing manuscript. Target journal: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes.

Meyer, B. C., & Purvanova, R. K. Individual performance in the Beer Game: How to calculate individual performance and how it is impacted by personality. Currently conducting data analysis. Target journal: TBD.

Purvanova, R. K. Are judgments of teammates’ personality in virtual project teams accurate? Currently conducting data analysis. Target journal: Journal of Personality Research.

Purvanova, R. K. & Undheim, D. What barriers? Awareness of barriers to women’s career advancement and leadership development. Currently collecting data.


MBA 254: Leadership and Human Capital Development

MGMT 184: Leadership and Personal Development

MGMT 100: Organizational Behavior


Women in Insurance research project

Interview featured in Career Management